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Summary´╝ÜMobile Crusher QualitiesWith so many products on the market, how do you stand out from others? With its own charm, this vehicle-mounted mobile crusher has succe

Mobile Crusher Qualities

With so many products on the market, how do you stand out from others? With its own charm, this vehicle-mounted mobile crusher has successfully reached the arms of thousands of customers.

What is a mobile crusher?

The vehicle-mounted mobile crusher is a new type of mobile crushing equipment that uses vehicle tires as the walking chassis. It not only inherits the high output and durability of traditional crushers, but also integrates modern intelligent, convenient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving features, and more Flexible and widely used in various fields such as gravel, mining, metallurgy, beneficiation, roads, and construction.

Coarse broken jaw crusher, mobile crusher, designed with care, this mobile crusher makes you have to love. So what are the qualities of a mobile crusher?

1. Vehicle walking, strong maneuverability

The vehicle-mounted mobile crusher, as its name implies, is a new type of crusher that can be moved. The vehicle has a compact structure, a small turning radius, low requirements for road transportation equipment, and convenient and fast conversion and access to the site;

2. Unit integration, ready to go

The complete set of equipment has strong performance. It adopts integrated on-vehicle installation, and the combination is reasonable and compact. It can go directly to the production site as it goes, and it can work when it is turned on, saving time and effort.

Mobile Crusher

3. Flexible selection and interchangeable models

This vehicle-mounted mobile crusher can provide a variety of personalized unit configurations according to the different requirements of customers and the actual situation. It can work in single or multiple units to achieve single-unit crushing and multi-unit combined hierarchical crushing. , Screening and other functional combinations;

Jaw mobile crusher + impact mobile crusher joint operation production site

4.Intelligent operation, safe and reliable

The PLC automatic system design is adopted for smarter operation. The computer can remotely operate the equipment, real-time control of on-site operating conditions, timely prediction and reminding of equipment failures, and always maintain the equipment's efficient and safe operation.

5. High production efficiency, environmental protection standards

The whole machine has high output, environmental protection, solid structure design, dust leakage reduction, coupled with on-site spray equipment assistance, and multi-effect dust removal and muffler cooperation, which can meet higher standards of green crushing production requirements.

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