Powder Meteorite Equipment Price

Powder Meteorite Equipment Price

How much is the price of a complete set of equipment for the powdered stone machine?

Meteorite is a stone mixed in the coal seam, containing a small amount of combustibles, not easy to burn, commonly known as "scorpion", these meteorites can be used as raw materials for building materials, but want to use also need to smash equipment, then the price of complete equipment of powdered stone machine how much is it?

Powder stone machine complete equipment

There are not only one type of machine that can produce broken meteorites on the market. For the characteristics of low hardness of vermiculite, the following several options and powder meteorite equipment are common for your reference:

Option 1: Jaw Crusher + Impact Crusher

This is a two-stage crusher system. The meteorite is first crushed with a jaw crusher and then crushed by a impact crusher. This production scheme has a high output, and the two machines are better with the broken shape.

Option 2: Jaw Crusher + Double Crusher

This is also a secondary crushing system. It is also first-stage crushing through a head crusher jaw crusher, and then into the double crusher for secondary crushing. This production scheme breaks out the finer size, but its The output is low and the production capacity is 20-180 t/h.

Option 3: Hammer Crusher

This production scheme is that the meteorite is directly formed by a hammer crusher at a time. One piece of equipment can get everything, and the output is also very impressive, which can reach 3,000 tons per hour. This scheme is characterized by economical, simple production process and easy operation.

In addition to the main crushing equipment, the above production schemes also have auxiliary production equipment, such as feeders, screens, etc. These equipments form a complete set of equipment for powdered vermiculite. Users can choose the appropriate production plan according to their actual conditions. Corresponding device.

How much is the price of the complete equipment of the powdered stone machine?

From the above we have learned about the equipment that is needed for the powdered vermiculite. What is the price of the complete equipment? This is a point that many users are particularly concerned about. Its price is affected by many aspects. The specific analysis is as follows:

Different programs, different prices

It can be seen from the above that there are three kinds of equipments for common powdered vermiculite machines. The equipment involved is different, and their respective prices are different. The price of the complete equipment is the sum of the equipment used in the whole production line, so the prices of different production schemes are different.

Different user sizes and different prices

Since the user's production scale is different and the type of equipment used is different, the price will vary greatly. The large-sized equipment has high output, large volume, and many materials used. The cost of the investment by the manufacturer is high, and the price is naturally high.

Market quotation determines price volatility

The price of the powdered stone machine changes with the market conditions. For example, in a certain period of time, the demand for the powdered stone machine in the market increases, and the market is in short supply, so the price of the powdered stone machine will be raised. If at some point, the user's demand for the powdered stone machine is not large and the market is oversupply, the price of the powdered stone machine will decrease.

The complete equipment of the powdered stone machine is affected by many factors and is not determined by the specific price. If you want to know the price of the complete equipment for you, please consult our online customer service for free. We have a professional technical manager to design the production plan and selection, and attach a detailed quotation.

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