Stone Crusher Machine Boot

Stone Crusher Machine Boot

What problems should be paid attention to before the stone crusher machine is turned on?

Stone crusher machine is a mechanical equipment used for crushing and processing of ore. Common stone crusher machines include jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher. We are the production of ore crushing machinery. Manufacturers, here and everyone talk about the inspection items that the stone crusher machine needs to pay attention to before using it.

The user needs to monitor the fault without stopping the machine. The first is to understand the various operating parameters of the machine when the crusher is in normal operation. It includes the production volume of the stone crusher machine during operation, the sound of the machine during operation, and the active state during operation. Only after understanding these basic states can the machine's anomalies be noticed in time.

With the machine running normal state data as the basis, we must also understand the characteristics of some machines when they are abnormal. For example, sometimes the machine will have a large sloshing sound due to the looseness of the screw. In some cases, sometimes the damage of the internal parts of the machine will result in a decrease in the production of the machine, and sometimes the damage of the machine will result in a decrease in the yield of the manufactured product. phenomenon. These state features require continuous accumulation of experience in the usual production process, and always pay attention to these abnormal characteristics when using the crusher, so that machine failures can be discovered and maintained in time.

Of course, in addition to these measures, these monitoring instruments can also be used to monitor the operating parameters of the crusher. For example, fault monitoring can be performed by monitoring changes in the chemical composition of the crusher oil. When these measures are combined, the normal left turn of the machine can be ensured. The current society is developing very fast, and we need to have a better grasp of the knowledge of crushers. It is necessary to know the failure of the stone crusher machine earlier and then solve it.

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