South Africa Gypsum Machine

South Africa Gypsum Machine

Gypsum main chemical ingredient is calcium sulfate , is a widely used industrial materials and supplies . Can be used in cement retarder , gypsum building products , model making , medical food additives, sulfuric acid , paper fillers , paint fillers. Gypsum is the main raw material for the production of gypsum plaster cementitious materials and building products , as well as Portland cement retarder. During the construction of various industries is essential construction materials in South Africa.

Gypsum Production Line Quote

Our production line in the country pioneered the use of refined and modified cooling process grinding process in South Africa, solved the finished product calcined gypsum waste heat generated by thermal polymerization , followed by a phase transition , thus affecting product quality problems and chemical gypsum affected by the formation mechanism poor workability retention issues affecting existing and make better use of chemical gypsum plaster to a variety of building materials as possible.

Gypsum powder production line crushing mill system

Chunks of plaster evenly through the conveyor into jaw crusher for primary crushing, homogenizing the zoning arrangement of the discharge field , and then by crushing crusher for secondary crushing , into the hopper . After the screening , will meet the requirements to enter into the fine grinding machine has a conveyor into fine grinding machine , will not meet the material back again thin broken machine broken, the entire process cycle process are closed systems. After gypsum raw crushed after delivery to the storage silo elevator spare . According to the material storage silo storage time requirements and design specifications to ensure a stable supply of materials .


The magnetic material is continuously fed into the feeder uniformly mill for grinding. After grinding flour from the mill blower plaster bulging Merry blow , after analysis machine at the top of the classification. Meet the specifications of the powder fineness , with large airflow into the cyclone collector , collected by the powder discharge pipe is finished. Finished fall screw conveyor, conveying system to the next firing . The entire air duct system is a closed loop, from the whirlwind pipeline between the collector and the introduction of baghouse blower to remove dust in the air , and then discharged to the environment , to ensure a clean environment. If you have any questions you can leave us a message, or contact our online customer service, we are happy to serve you.

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