Salt Processing Plant for Sale

Salt Processing Plant for Sale

Rock Salt Mining Equipment

Rock salt is mined through solution mining or dry mining. In the first method, miners either extract salt from shallow Wells or push water through pipes deep into the mine, bringing salt to the surface. Most salt is usually collected this way. In dry salt mining, miners must enter a vast network of underground caves to collect rock salt deposits.

Rock salt mining companies use various methods to break down the rock salt they find. These include drilling, undercutting and blasting, and then breaking up so that the miners can bring it to the surface.

Salt processing operation

Salt is harvested by exposing seawater to the sun and wind in a series of concentration pools and by evaporation of ordinary salt to saturate it. At this stage, less dissolved salt, iron oxide and calcite are precipitated, followed by gypsum. Then pump the water into the crystallization tank where the common salt deposits. Stop the process before all salt falls to avoid contamination by magnesium and potash. The final liquid, called bitter, is drained from the salt and harvested.

Salt-plant for sale

Zenith provides comprehensive technical and consulting services, including testing, process design, installation, commissioning, start-up, operation and continuous lifetime technical support services. The operations of salt treatment include transportation, screening, secondary and tertiary crushing and sizing.

Zenith is a global supplier and manufacturer of salt processors. We have developed a full range of salt processing plants, including jaw crusher, counter crusher, cone crusher, mobile crushing station, ball mill, belt conveyor, shaker, classifier, separator, etc. We also customize the mining solution according to your requirements, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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