Limestone Crushing and Milling Equipment

Limestone Crushing and Milling Equipment

Limestone is a common nonmetallic mineral. China is rich in limestone and mineral resources, accounting for more than 64% of the world's reserves. At present, limestone utilization and deep processing results are numerous, rapid technical progress, accelerated the growth of calcium carbonate processing varieties, and towards diversification and rapid development of specialization, fine direction, expand the opening more applications.

Limestone crusher

Largest block of feed and grain size of the material ratio, called the broken system broken than broken system, it affects the number of segments to determine the selection of crushing and grinding machines. System requirements by crushing crusher crushing ratio selection, such as when required by crushing ratio, you should use the hammer crusher and impact crusher.

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher make material repeatedly hit, broken back and hit each other, so it's high crushing efficiency, low power consumption, uniform particle size, large crushing ratio, usually around 40, high up to 150; crushing with impact crusher product size of less than 3mm. Crusher simple structure, easy maintenance, adaptability, especially for medium-hard, brittle materials. Feed chute and back panels can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the adhesive material. The aircraft must be equipped with the bottom screen can not effectively prevent clogging, mainly for coarse limestone, sandstone, coal and cement clinker, etc., in crushing.

Limestone milling equipment

Limestone is the main source of calcium carbonate commonly used in industry, can be used to process limestone mill equipment lot, depending on the requirements of a diverse range of materials and production, to select the most appropriate lime flour mill equipment in many machine, commonly used vertical roller mill, high pressure mill, powder mill and so on.

Vertical roller mill

Working vertical roller mill for cement industry, limestone flour, compared with traditional ball mill, vertical mill high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, in the pre-grinding system, can significantly increase production, strong performance capacity. Vertical mill in the steel and power industries, non-metallic mineral aspects ultrafine powder preparation have been widely used for various industries showed a significant energy saving effect, powder processing technology advancement has played a positive role in promoting.

Limestone High Pressure Mill

After the material is crushed by the elevator into the storage bin, and then by the vibrating feeder evenly into the grinding chamber, after shovel blade into laminated rubbing roller and grinding ring between, fans will be blown into the grinding room, blowing the powder into the analysis machine, be winnowing not reach the fineness and regrinding, qualified powder into the air finished cyclone powder collector, separated from the air is discharged from the discharge port Finished. Materials contain some water, will produce some moisture when grinding, and the entire pipeline due to the tight seal is not absolutely certain external causes gas is inhaled, allowing the system to increase the amount of circulating air, in order to ensure the mill work under negative pressure, the excess amount of wind After entering the baghouse purify the atmosphere.

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