Impact Crusher Spare Parts

Impact Crusher Spare Parts

Impact crusher is used widely in one broken models; crusher crusher spare parts is an important part, we need to schedule replacement; also referred to in the industry crusher wearing parts. Crusher spare parts are back-breaking plate hammer, counter-block, back plate, back-breaking liner, liner counter, back-breaking steel, back-breaking pressed block and other accessories by high manganese steel, high chromium, high Meng and other wear-resistant composite material cast or forged.

Impact Crusher high chrome hammer. Rational use of domestic currently the most advanced nanotechnology, the cast wear-resistant materials cost compared with the most advanced materials increased 1-2 times, but also through super alloy, advanced smelting technology to produce semi-solid extrusion of hypereutectic high chromium plate Hammer to improve life 50-100% higher than conventional high chrome hammer. Compared with similar imported products, Yusheng semi-solid squeeze casting hypereutectic high chromium plate hammer with high safety, wear resistance, low cost, etc., and shorten lead times.

Impact Crusher high manganese steel hammer. Use modified high manganese steel casting, reasonable ratio ingredients, more secure and reliable plate hammer, wear resistance than the ordinary high manganese steel increased by 2.5 times, not only reduces downtime, and improve equipment operation rate, increase crushing machine production, reduce tons of material costs, it is worth promoting. Crusher alloy plate hammer. Using mosaic technology to produce wear-resistant alloys. In order to improve the wear resistance, the traditional hammer more work surface coated tungsten carbide pick stone alloy, wear resistance is not high, but Yusheng casting alloy plate hammer high manganese steel substrates extremely tough cast-dense, hardness only to diamond tungsten alloy that can resist harsh abrasive wear.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Designed to break fragile materials into smaller particles or even powder size, the impact crusher machine is divided into vertical shaft impact crusher and horizontal impact crusher. The vertical shaft impact crusher machine can process the materials with 60-520tph.

Impact Crusher Machine Types:

The impact crusher machine has simple structure and large crushing ratio. It belongs to the energy saving crushing machine. In the actual production line, it will produce even end products. It has wide application in metallurgical, chemical industry, construction materials processing, refractory and so on. Depending on the specific production application, the impact crusher machine is divided into vertical shaft impact crusher and horizontal impact crusher machine.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Application:

Vertical shaft impact crusher machine is the typical crushing machine from SBM. It can operate for 720 hours continuously. Designed with world leading standard technology, this machine has wide application and it has been the popular machine to replace the hammer crusher, roller crusher and roller ball mill machine etc.

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