Graphite Impact Crusher

Graphite Impact Crusher

Impact of edge guard wear on impact crusher

For the impact crusher, it is possible to achieve efficient operation with accessories such as edge guards. The side shield is one of the wear parts, and its wear will cause adverse effects on production. Here is a look at these. The main impact of the impact of the problem.

The edge guard is one of the important components in the graphite impact crusher. When it is working, it is combined with the steel, compaction and other components to make it work efficiently, but at work, these components There will be wear and tear, which will cause adverse effects on production, such as reduced efficiency. Here is an analysis of the impact on production when the edge guards are worn.

In the production process of the graphite impact crusher, after a period of work, the edge protection plate will be worn, and the aging phenomenon will occur after the wear, which will make the anti-strike ability of the component decrease, and the liner will often appear. The phenomenon of shooting down will also cause the sealing performance of the equipment to drop. We know that in the process of production of mining equipment, there will be dust, and when the sealing performance of the equipment is degraded, large dust will appear. We need to replace the side guards of the graphite impact crusher in time. Generally, when replacing, we need to open the rear upper frame first, remove the split pin, slotted nut and bolt of the fixed side guard plate, then replace the side guard plate. The purpose of the replacement is to restore the working performance of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of dust.

The article mainly introduces the main impact of the wear of the edge guard on the impact crusher. It also analyzes the way of replacing the component. During the use of any mining equipment, the internal parts are The process of its work has a very important impact. In order to maintain the working state of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and necessary replacement. For the impact crushing equipment, when it is working, the side guards are only a few parts. In addition to the replacement of this part, we also need to regularly maintain and replace other wear parts, such as hammers, square steel, counter-lining and compression blocks. These different parts are designed. At the time, it is necessary to use materials with better wear resistance, such as high-chromium alloys, and the casting process also needs to meet the production requirements, so as to better assist the smooth production.

In the interior of the graphite impact crusher, these different parts, in addition to regular maintenance, should be adjusted regularly. When adjusting, you need to pay close attention to the method. For example, when adjusting the hammer, first use the hydraulic flip device to The cover is opened, then the rotor is turned, the plate hammer that needs to be adjusted or replaced is transferred to the inspection area, and then the rotor is fixed. When the lining plate is adjusted, for example, the rear upper frame needs to be opened, and all the lining plates are allowed to be worn in heavy wear areas and lightly worn. The geographical interchange, and so on, whether it is adjustment or replacement, must meet the operational requirements to ensure smooth production.

The article mainly analyzes the influence of the wear of the edge guard on the graphite impact crusher and the important role of other wear parts inside the equipment. These different parts need to be very strong regardless of the choice of production materials or the choice of casting process. Be cautious, and then the adjustments made in production must also be carried out as required to ensure smooth production.

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