Granite Crushing Production Line Configuration

Granite Crushing Production Line Configuration

Indonesia's 150-granite crushing production line is fully equipped

Friends of Indonesian users use our company's machines to get our contact information from friends, and then get in touch with customer service, communicate with their technical manager about their needs and budget, and our manufacturers have given reasonable allocation and quotation accordingly, Indonesia The user feels very good, so he asked the manufacturer to inspect the equipment. The following picture shows the technical manager accompanying the user to inspect the equipment. The technical manager is accompanied by the whole process to explain any points that the user wants to know. After inspecting the equipment to clarify its own needs, our technical manager designed the production process and selection, and immediately signed the purchase equipment contract.

Details of the 150-ton granite crushing production line project

User request

  1. 1. Raw material: granite;
  2. 2, finished product requirements: mainly used to produce 12, 13 stones;
  3. 3, production requirements: Because it is the first time to invest in sand and gravel aggregates, do not want to do so large-scale, first small production put into production, try water, so the output requirements are 150 tons.
  4. 4. The current problems of Indonesian users: Indonesian users are blind to the sand and gravel industry. The transportation equipment is not familiar with the route. There is no resource, neither will it be installed nor operated. Although it is very confident in investment, after all, the environment The trend is to make money, but it is very fearful of the production process, and these things require our relevant personnel to solve it.

Technical manager configuration line

In combination with user funds and production and material requirements, the technical manager tailored a 150-ton granite crushing line to the user.

1. Granite is a relatively hard material. In addition, the shape of the stone provided by the user is relatively large. Therefore, the technical manager chose the classic secondary crushing production line, and the jaw crusher and the cone crusher matched the two machines. The common feature of the crushing equipment is that it has strong compressive performance and is suitable for crushing harder materials. The jaw crusher crushes the large-shaped stone and then enters the cone crusher to break into 12 and 13 stones.

2. For the production of 150 tons, our technical manager considers the secondary crushing operation, and has a proper docking for the output of each equipment. For this reason, two more common jaw crushers are selected, which is the output. The range is 40-110 tons, the crushing ratio is large, and the cone crusher adopts the compound cone crusher. The output is 109-181t/h. The machine is sealed with grease to avoid the clogging and the defects of water and oil mixing. There is also an overload protection device that allows foreign matter and iron to pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the crusher.

3. For the problem of limited user funds, our technical manager fits the user's output requirements when selecting the user. The selected equipment is fixed at a high cost performance. There is no new mobile crushing equipment for mobile users. The function is more complete and the use is more convenient, but the price is also higher.

Now, this 150-ton granite crushing production line has been installed and will be put into production.

In addition to buying equipment before we go to the factory to visit the user car to pick up the car, the requirements for the user is also responsive, for the situation of Indonesian users, we can completely solve. In addition, we arrange professional staff to be responsible for infrastructure, installation, etc.; more importantly, we are responsible for teaching the user how to produce operations.

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