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Summary´╝ÜBuilding Materials CrusherWe usually refer to the crusher industry refers to mining crusher, it is mainly for all kinds of stone crushing operation , depending

Building Materials Crusher

We usually refer to the crusher industry refers to mining crusher, it is mainly for all kinds of stone crushing operation , depending on different principles and products of broken particle size, can be divided into many types . Industrial crusher is widely used in mining , smelting, building material, highway , railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.

In mining, building materials , infrastructure and other sectors is mainly used in primary crusher and crusher . According to the width of the inlet size into large , medium and small three , the inlet width is greater than 600MM for large machines , the width of the inlet for the medium-sized machine 300-600MM , 300MM less than the width of the inlet for small machine .

SBM production of building materials commonly used in building materials industry crusher jaw crusher , impact crusher , hammer crusher , cone crusher , hydraulic cone crusher , vertical shaft impact crusher, roll crusher , mobile crushing station. Building with jaw crusher Features: crushing chamber depth and no dead zone , improved feeding capacity and output ; their crushing ratio, uniform particle size ; energy-saving equipment : stand-alone energy-saving 15% to 30% , saving more than double ; lubrication system is safe and reliable , easy to replace parts , small maintenance workload ; simple structure , reliable operation and low operating costs. Gasketed discharge opening adjustment device , reliable and convenient , large adjustment range, increase the flexibility of the equipment ; large nesting population adjustment range, can meet different user requirements ; low noise , less dust .

Our company produces PE, PEW series jaw crusher crusher equipment is complex swing , with a simple and reasonable structure, high yield, broken than large , long- life tooth plate , finished uniform particle size , low power consumption , easy maintenance , etc., is currently the most advanced models. Jaw crusher operation, the upper jaw hanging in the eccentric shaft directly , as the crank connecting rod linkage by eccentric eccentric shaft direct drive , the lower jaw thrust plate hinge attached to the rear rack support wall. When the eccentric shaft , the movable jaw on the trajectory of each point is determined by the circumferential line of the point of suspension ( radius equal to the eccentricity ) , and gradually becomes elliptical down more to the lower , more partial ellipse , and a lower thrust plate until connection point for the arc line trajectory . Because of this machinery moving jaw of each point on the trajectory is more complex , it is called a complex swing jaw crusher .

SBM complex pendulum jaw crusher and Jane tilting compared to its advantages are: the quality of light, fewer components, more compact structure, the degree of crushing cavity filled with good material blocks being loaded evenly broken, to move mandatory introduction of finished unloading the lower jaw , the higher productivity compared to the same specifications simple pendulum jaw crusher productivity 20-30% higher ; material block in the lower jaw has a larger rolling up and down movement , easy cubic the shape of the unloading , reducing the product as simple as tilting sheet composition, better product quality.

Shanghai SBM crusher equipment is renowned R & D , production and sales company, I produced jaw crusher , impact crusher , cone crusher, mobile crushing plant and other products to meet users crusher building materials, gravel sand different production needs. We will also provide you with project design, process design, suitable for the development of your equipment purchase program , based on your specific needs , design and manufacture products for your training, technical operations personnel .

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