SCM Ultrafine Mill

Product Features: Ultrafine powder, wide applications, excellent environmental effect

  • Input Size: 0-20mm
  • Capacity: 0.5-25T
  • Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

The newly designed grinding roller grinding ring grinding curve further improves the grinding efficiency. With the same fineness and power of the finished product, the production capacity is 40% higher than that of jet mill and agitator mill, and the output of ball mill is more than double. The energy consumption of the system is only 30% of the air jet mill.

SCM ultrafine mill has been proved by SBM's thousands of clients to be out-standing and stable grinding mill. It is produced on the basis of many years production experience and multiple innovation. It can produce fine powder and super fine powder materials in the rock mining production line.


Selling Points:

  1. The classifier adopts high density impeller which can improve the fineness and capacity;
  2. The maintenance platform makes maintenance work safer and more convenient;
  3. The base is made of anti-crack nodular cast iron which boasts the strength of cast steel, the anti-vibration of cast iron and good impact resistance.

SCM Ultrafine Mill Working Principle

The material enters the host and drops off the bulk material tray. Due to the high-speed rotation of the turntable, the material is moved to a circle and falls into the cycle between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. After grinding the material, after grinding the layer, the material will fall into the lower layer and grind again. The material is then sucked into the classifier by the fan airflow. Materials that do not meet the size requirements will fall into the main unit and be ground again; if the size requirements are met, the materials will enter the cyclone dust collector; these materials will be separated and collected, and the finished powder will be discharged from the discharge device.

  • Core rolling bearing, no screw, safer operation of equipment

    There is no rolling bearing or screw in the grinding chamber of SCM ultrafine mill, and there is no problem that the bearing and its seals are easily damaged. There is no problem that the screw is easy to loose and destroy the machine. Production is safer.

  • Pulse dust removal, high level of environmental protection

    SCM ultrafine powder mill adopts high efficiency pulse dust collector, no dust pollution during the operation of the whole set of equipment, equipped with silencer and silencing room, reduce environmental noise, according to the national environmental protection standards to organize production, meet the national environmental protection production requirements.

  • Dust Removal By Pulse Collector Makes Operation More Eco-Friendly

    SCM Ultrafine Grinding Mill is equipped with efficient pulse dust collector, so no dust pollution generates during operation of the entire milling system. Silencer and noise elimination room are configured to reduce noises. The production is organized fully according to the national environmental protection standards.

  • Higher productivity, lower energy consumption

    SCM ultrafine mill adopts a new design of grinding ring grinding curve, under the same fineness and power of finished products, the production capacity is 40% higher than air mill, mixing mill, more than double the output of ball mill, and the energy consumption of the system is only 30% of air mill.

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