Raymond Mill

Applications: Metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, mining, pharmacy, cosmetics and other fields

  • Moh’s hardness below Grade 7
  • Moisture below 8%
  • Non-combustible and non-explosive
  • Feed size ranging from 40 to 400meshes

Raymond mill is suitable for the preparation of various mineral powders and coal powders, such as raw ore, gypsum ore, coal and other non-combustible and explosive minerals, chemicals and constructions with a Mohs hardness of 9.3 or less and a humidity below 6% High-precision milling of more than 280 materials in other industries. It is a commonly used milling equipment.

Specialized unit intended for pulverizing materials in the extreme fineness range. Raymond mill has been applied with outstanding success to this mill and as a result a great number of materials can be produced in the lower micron sizes with a very minimum of oversize.

Grinding Process:

Raymond Mill

The feed materials enter the Raymond mill through the side mounted variable speed screw feeder between the hammers and the whizzer classifier. The airflow enters below the grinding chamber and carries pulverized material vertically, combining it with newly introduced feed, to the classifier where any acceptable material is removed from the mixture prior to being ground.


  1. Uniform particle size.
  2. Unit swings open easily for inspection and maintenance.
  3. Easy replacement of wearing parts.
  4. Compact design requires little floor space.
  5. Available with integral flash drying or water-cooled grinding chambers.
  • High Productivity

    Large output: the unique curved blade design can guide the material to the vertical surface, so that the upper, middle and lower parts of the grinding roller can be ground, which increases the effective working area and increases the output while uniform wear.

  • Intelligent production

    On-line detection system: Optional main engine, fan thin oil and lubricating oil temperature, silo material level on-line detection is convenient to control the occurrence of high temperature phenomenon, is conducive to protecting the main engine bearing, and prolongs the service life of the bearing. Intelligent control electrical system: It has the function of automatically storing and memorizing the startup time and running time, which can realize remote on / off monitoring, and has the memory function of the operating mode, which is more convenient.

  • Long Lasting

    Harder wear-resistant materials: Cooperate with research institutes to develop wear-resistant alloy rollers and grinding rings, which are 1.7-2.5 times the life of traditional high-manganese steels. They are suitable for harder materials and effectively reduce downtime. Wear-resistant coatings: Elbow pipes can be optionally equipped with wear-resistant coatings to improve the wear resistance of the elbow, extend the life of the elbow, and effectively reduce the maintenance rate.

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